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7 ways event marketing can boost audience engagement

While we have already revealed what event marketing is and why it is essential, this blog will take you one step further and delve into how you can use digital marketing to supercharge audience engagement.

We’ve split this blog into three sections so you can explore seven cost-effective event marketing tactics you can employ before, during and after an event.

Event marketing before

Use press releases

Whether you are announcing events, venues or speaker line-ups press releases are one of the first digital marketing methods you use.

Press releases can bring publicity to your event, which can then develop audience engagement and encourage attendance for a broader audience than you might have access to.

Email campaigns

Make the most of the audience you already have by creating email campaigns to promote your next event.

An email marketing strategy can boost audience engagement by providing interesting content to existing customers, employees (for internal events) and those who are already part of your customer journey.

You can also include exclusive offers and deals that incentivise sign-ups and event attendance.

Blogs & banners

Publishing relevant blogs, webpages and even banners on your website can be an effective event marketing strategy that aids audience engagement.

Content underpins how you communicate digitally with your audience and provides an opportunity to share event dates, details and sign-up information.

Adding relevant, search optimised and timely content to your website builds a touchpoint for audience engagement.

Make sure…

All of your event marketing activity before the day is written, sent and made public in alignment with a marketing calendar. This is especially important to stick to if you have multiple people, teams or departments working on traditional and digital marketing.

Event marketing during

Social media & user generated content

Reposting videos and pictures posted by event attendees while the event is going on is one way to can keep your audience engaged during an event.

Not only does this show your audience that you value their participation on social media and their attendance but often the moments that are captured by your audience are things that event photographers may not be present for.

It shows how your present audience is engaging with your event while it is happening.

Social media & live broadcasting

Whether you are live-tweeting that the next speaker is taking to the stage or adding a quote from the keynote, using your social media channels to broadcast what is happening and when can aid audience engagement.

This is because participating in your own event can help you to engage your audience.


That you post content on social media during your event is an essential way to promote audience engagement and the inclusion of your community who are not physically present.

Event marketing after

Social media & continued audience engagement

Continuing with social media activity after the event is essential. Whether you are responding to questions, thanking event attendees for their participation, or posting video montages and photos, you can extend audience engagement.

If your audience is still talking about your event online and engaging with it, make the most of the publicity and post as well.

Create content

Event communication and audience engagement don’t end when your event does. Creating content that takes shape as blogs, emails, videos, updated landing pages and even testimonials about your event can boost audience engagement.

Including this content provides opportunities for the event attendees to interact with the things that they learnt. Plus, it gives those who didn’t attend a chance to engage with event material and key takeaways.

What now?

Each of these methods can enhance audience engagement and they all contribute to your event marketing and planning timeline.

Whether you need an extra pair of hands or need a whole team of experts to help with your next event, head over to our contact page and get in touch today.