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We’re proud to announce that First Event Account Manager, Kirsty Northage, has been named in Conference & Incentive Travel’s ’35 under 35’ A-List for 2017. The A-List recognises rising stars from the UK event industry aged 35 and under, and is in its ninth annual year.

Kirsty is a highly valued member of the First Event family and we are delighted to see her work recognised in this way. Kirsty has worked in event management for over 12 years and remains enthusiastic and excited by the opportunities that working in the industry offers. Celebrating this incredible achievement, we spoke to Kirsty about all things events.

What’s the most important thing to consider when planning an event?

It’s hard to pinpoint the most important thing, but knowing your client and their audience allows the event planning process to fall into place. It’s really easy to get carried away with an exciting concept for an event, and it’s easy to get clients on board with a concept. However, the end result should always reflect and live up to the client’s initial desired outcomes. It’s all about striking a balance between creating a great event, and ensuring it fits the intended purpose.

What was your original reason for pursuing a career in the events industry?

Event management is exciting, and no day is ever the same. There’s always something to be done and there is certainly never a dull moment. The criteria of an event manager role is also something that I feel fits me perfectly. I’ve always loved organisation and attention to detail, and I personally believe that these are two of my biggest strengths.

Many people say that event managers have one of the most stressful jobs, do you agree?

I think it’s easy to say that about any job. Every job comes with stress, it’s just subjective to what you’re doing. In regards to event management, some days can feel stressful, but the rewarding aspects of the job are definitely worth it. You’re always kept on your toes and you are constantly able to see and do amazing things that would be difficult to experience in other industries. I get to work all over the world in a variety of different destinations, meaning there’s so much variety in what I do on a daily basis. One day I could be on a site visit, the next I could be making travel arrangements – this job provides endless possibilities.

What is the most memorable moment of your career?

I couldn’t possibly choose a single moment of my career to put as the most memorable. However, I love the feeling at the end of an event, seeing the final result of your hard work come together. There’s no better feeling than knowing you’ve worked for something, and being able to see the success of your event tangibly is extremely rewarding. Plus, there’s always a funny story on the way, and no two events are ever the same.

Why do you think incentive travel is so popular amongst businesses?

_Incentive travel opportunities are a great way to motivate employees and drive productivity in the workplace. They offer a ‘real money can’t buy’ experience, and whilst the same money can be invested into any trip, the kind of trip we can offer would be extremely difficult to organise as an individual. The trips we create are spectacular, and offer clients and their delegates a luxurious reward. We approach holidays in a different way, and create ground programmes that only we can offer due to our contacts, industry knowledge and experience._

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