Conference and Networking Event

Event: Conference

Industry: Food & beverage

Destination: The Courthouse Hotel, Shoreditch

Our Brief

A new client of ours requested a sales-focused conference event to be held biannually, where the Sales Director delivers an update on ½ year sales. The client specifically requested a hotel venue providing more than just typical conference and meeting facilities, as the afternoon activity and evening entertainment should be fun, exciting and encourage networking amongst delegates.

The Solution

Out of a handful of suggested hotels located in London, our client chose The Courthouse Hotel in Shoreditch due to it’s fantastic conference space, jailhouse bar and downstairs bowling alley. The day consisted of a morning plenary, lunch, guest speaker, and afternoon activity which were presented through both conference-style sessions, and a fun and interactive challenge.

The afternoon activity was designed as a fun breakout session, where delegates were split into groups of 6 to take part in an X-Factor themed task. Following the afternoon activity, guests took part in a short Q&A session, and enjoyed a laid-back awards ceremony. The evening entertainment combined a drinks reception, casual dining and entertainment including photo booths, bowling, cocktail-making, and table tennis.

Overall, the event was received brilliantly, providing both serious and fun elements, allowing key messages to be successfully delivered, and offering delegates ample networking opportunities.

conference and networking event
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