LP Annual Meeting 2021 

EVENT: LP Annual Meeting 2021


NO. OF DELEGATES: 200 in-person attendees, 130 virtual attendees


The brief was to organise the client’s Annual Meeting for Limited Partners across their US, UK and Central European sites. The client required a hybrid format with in-person events at their London and New York offices, and a virtual platform for all other attendees.

They wanted to ensure maximum attendance and that resources could be accessed prior and post-event.


Prior to the live one day conference, a bespoke virtual studio was set up in line with the event branding, and presenters were filmed both in studio and in their homes to create video footage to be uploaded prior to the live event.

A bespoke website was created containing the agenda, 19 pre-recorded videos and other prepared electronic material.

Personalised emails with login details were sent out to all attendees ahead of the event along with reminders to log into the live event if they were attending virtually.

The live event included a mixture of panel discussions, presentations and roundtable discussions with virtual attendees being able to fully participate alongside in-person attendees at the London and New York offices with their questions and input.


The feedback from the client, presenters and participants was exceptional.

A combination of excellent speaker management and a hybrid event solution ensured a high quality meeting experience. The content was easily accessible and engaging and enabled the client to access a wider audience and include materials they didn’t have time to cover during the live event.

The hybrid format also allowed for the meeting’s lifespan to be extended by providing digital content before and after the meeting.