Virtual Leadership Forum 





A nationwide logistics and delivery company wanted to engage their top one hundred leadership employees with a virtual update. The event was to be filmed from one of their UK branches and live-streamed to include remote speakers and live interactions.


We recommended that a temporary studio be created in their chosen branch location, with custom branded backdrops. An event speaker was filmed in the studio, and this footage created an interactive live stream that was hosted on a bespoke event website.

The backdrops also included a large screen showing live links to remote board members, so any questions addressed to the board members could be answered.

The staff members were then able to watch and engage with the live stream via the website and app, with live Q&As, polls and a chat function.

Employees could vote for the most popular questions to ask board members, which were prioritised as a result.

The virtual stream also included presentations and a video on company developments. The video and the stream became available to watch on-demand for people to view after the event had ended.


The client saw a positive response to the different methods of interacting and asking questions. Including a video update in the live stream was also a more engaging take on a company update. As a result of the fast turnaround time and the event’s success, the client has asked us to work with them on planning more frequent company updates, using the same studio virtual event set-up.