Creativity is an essential element to a memorable and successful event. We have a whole department dedicated to developing the aesthetics of your event.

Our in-house design team will create tailor-made designs that work in harmony with your existing branding and company image. During the planning stage of any event our Design department create a range of options, mood-boards and colour palettes. The creative direction and style of your whole event, including all collateral is thought out and then approved by you before we proceed.

"The visual aspect of any project is essentially the first impression our clients make, so getting the design and aesthetics right is paramount."

"As one of the first points of call in the production of an outstanding event, we’ll take the wants and needs of our clients and work creatively to produce supporting materials that perfectly represent them."

Sharon Pilbeam - Head of Creative

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Be prepared with our step-by-step contingency plan guide!

Be prepared with our step-by-step contingency plan guide! If you've ever organised an event, you’ll be aware of how important it is to have a ‘back-up plan.’ This, along with other defining factors such as what to do in an emergency, how to handle flight cancellations, and how to plan for bad weather, are all part of a detailed contingency plan. Learn more about how preparation and organisation can ensure the smooth running of your event, and download our Contingency Planning for an Event e-book by filling out this form.