Bratislava Event Inspiration 

Bratislava may not have been on your books as a preferred incentive destination, yet the less crowded Slovakian capital can offer a real unique insight into Europe’s charming heritage.

Reward delegates with a 3-day exploration around Bratislava’s rich historic sites and let them feel refreshed by experiencing this alternative destination.

Bratislava incentive event

Surrounded by vineyards, Bratislava is a pedestrian-only, 18th century old town that has become a popular European destination - offering a rich culture and interesting history.

During your stay, you'll be able to discover the fascinating heritage of an up-and-coming destination, and spend your free time embracing the uniqueness of a city that encompasses both tradition and modernity. Admire the baroque buildings and intricately detailed architecture, and sample authentic Slovak dishes


  • Slovakian capital with a big arts scene
  • Palaces and castles overlooking the Danube river
  • Vast air connections and easy access to Vienna


  • £1,000 PER PERSON
  • 3 DAY


  • Exclusive gala dinner at Elesko Wine Factory
  • European Castle tour
  • Explore Bratislava's whimsical Old Town