Budapest event inspiration 

Budapest is a stunning historical city at the heart of Europe boasting a rich culture and incredible architecture throughout. Take a trip down the River Danube and see the city in style, whilst being able to enjoy the destination’s entertainment scene in the evening.

Budapest incentive event

Located in the centre of Europe and one of the biggest capital cities in the EU, Budapest is an explorer’s paradise compromising grand architecture and a picturesque cityscape.

Travel down the River Danube on a relaxing dinner cruise, where you can take in the phenomenal sights of both sides of the city – the aptly name Buda and Pest. Go for a dip in the infamous Szechenyi Baths, be inspired by the grandeur of the city’s magnificent buildings, and trial local cuisine such as Hungarian goulash.

Find out more about what you could get up to in Budapest with our itinerary suggestion below.


  • One of Europe's biggest capital cities
  • Colourful, romantic 19th century architecture
  • Well-facilitated and easily accessible


  • £1,500 PER PERSON
  • 3 DAY


  • Visit the incredible Szechenyi Baths
  • Split your time between the two areas of the city – Buda and Pest
  • Take a relaxing dinner cruise down the River Danube