Ibiza Event Inspiration

Widely known as one the most luxurious of the Balearic Islands, Ibiza is a Mediterranean gem that offers a perfect collaboration of refined luxury and laid-back relaxation. There’s something for everyone in this world-famous destination, with a calm and tranquil coastline lining the white sandy beaches for those who want a relaxing sun-soaked experience, and a lively nightlife for the thrillseekers amongst us.


Despite being renowned for its vibrant nightlife, Ibiza boasts a beautiful coastline and stunning natural scenery. The Ibiza Town port is a UNESCO World Heritage Site, adorned with a stylish selection of lavish hotels.

Island activities are equally as exciting, and include a tour of the White Island, a historic sailing tour, and a visit to a cliffside Beach Club. On top of a range of activities, you can look forward to relaxing in incredible accommodation and enjoying fine cuisine as high-end restaurants offering the best local produce and regional dishes.

Find out more about what Ibiza can offer in our incentive itinerary below.


  • Balearic island renowned for relaxation, fun and historic charm
  • A variety of accommodation suitable for corporate events
  • Economical flights from major European destinations


  • £2,700 PER PERSON
  • 4 DAY


  • Visit Mount Teide National Park
  • Private beach dinners
  • Catamaran cruise around the island