Being an environmentally and socially responsible company doesn’t just make good business sense: it makes sense full stop.

We take our responsibilities within the local and wider community very seriously, and throughout the years we have continued to dedicate our time and resources to benefiting our environment and the communities in which we operate, while also making our business practices more sustainable.


Our work experience programme gives young people from across our community the opportunity to become inspired by this world. We’ve been working closely with local schools and colleges for many years, promoting our industry and helping students explore possible career paths.


We support our local community in many different ways, from sponsoring a local event and supporting local sports teams, to running fundraising events for good causes.


Every year we lend our expertise to charitable organisations. We support national charities such as the Rainy Day Trust and Pavestone Rally.


We can work with our clients to ensure their event agenda incorporates CSR. This can be through donated event materials, teambuilding activities or arranging for excess catering to be collected by homeless shelters. Speak to your First Event contact to discuss the options for your event.