We are passionately committed to sustainability in everything we do. We continually strive to reduce our environmental impact.

First Event firmly believe in the importance of sustainable events, and that we all have the responsibility to create a more sustainable industry. Sustainable event management means to take ownership of the environmental, economic and social impacts of event planning.

As event planners, we realise that creating sustainable events is key to being a responsible provider and that we have significant opportunity to encourage changes to avoid the depletion of natural resources, we continually strive to reduce to reduce our environmental impact.


Our vision is to become a voice or sustainability within our industry and community, to push for meaningful sustainable change and to use opportunities available to improve the sustainability of our business and our clients businesses.


We work with our clients to plan, improve, monitor and measure sustainability to align with their own sustainability goals and objectives. Putting our vision into practice starts in the event planning process and is at the forefront of each event element thereafter from the event production, transport and location, use of digital elements, materials, food and drinks to the community.


  • Working with our suppliers to maintain a sustainable purchasing policy.
  • Re-using materials wherever possible and promoting recycling and the use of recycled materials.
  • Disposing of all electronic, electrical and hazardous waste correctly.
  • Preventing pollution and harmful emissions whenever and wherever practicable.
  • Reducing noise, visual and other harmful effects on the local environment.
  • Reducing consumption of water and energy where possible.
  • Improving social and financial impacts, through: i. fair contractual terms ii. local sourcing iii. stakeholder well-being iv. equality v. financial viability of our events

We can work with our clients to monitor and measure sustainability, creating a document to send to you, if required, to align with your own sustainability goals.


We understand that it is imperative to partner with suppliers who can meet our standards for environmental and social issues to reduce impacts through our supply chain. We undertake the process by vetting new suppliers against the following criteria:

  • Environmental management practices
  • Product environmental impact
  • Suppliers buying practices
  • Social responsibility and practices