A UK Roadshow

No. of delegates: 330

Event type: Conference Roadshow

Industry: Construction

Event objectives:

This construction industry client operates across many different branches throughout the UK. As such, engaging directly with each branch team was of paramount importance to the CEO of this company, to check in with all directors ahead of the larger company conference later in the year. To meet this priority, we created a nationwide roadshow format where the senior leadership team could interact with branch directors in an open and conversational environment.



Event overview:

Within six months we created a roadshow conference format that brought small, intimate meetings with the senior leadership team to over 330 total attendees. Choosing venues such as Carden Park, Rockliffe Hall, and Preston Field, where attendees enjoyed exclusive access to the hotels, we meticulously selected roadshow locations to cater to the unique requirements of this event format. Our considerations included accessibility, location, venue size, and quality.

To create a consistent experience across all locations, we preserved the event format for each attendee coming from each branch. Each guest arrived at lunch time, where they were greeted by an informal buffet as they networked with other guests. Each team would participate in a conversational, casual conference during the afternoon, before finishing the day with a group dinner. The group dinner consisted of a three-course meal, and served as an opportunity for attendees to enjoy themselves and the company; the return on all their hard work throughout the year so far.

We organised overnight accommodation on-site for each of the attendees and captured all attendee information for this through our bespoke event website. As well as being the place where attendees could register for the event, this was where we collated and organised all of the preference information and dietary requirements, ensuring that all attendees needs were met during the event.

By managing the catering provisions and the logistical elements of each event, our clients were able to focus on engaging with their team and getting the most out of the day.


From the informal and approachable environment that we created on each site, the branch directors were able to interact effectively with senior leadership and share their experiences and challenges faced over the past few months. In turn, the leadership team were able to offer extra support to their staff and create a check-in point where the national team felt supported, despite the quantity of sites and distance separating different teams.

Particularly for the CEO of our client company, being able to interact with her team was of paramount importance to her, and a chance to show her people that she’s there for them. Being able to interact on a 1-on-1 basis was of great importance to her, and something we achieved across the board at every stop of this roadshow.