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Virtual learning

The First Event Team

As experts, we challenge the norm and we don’t believe in one size fits all, we create all of our platforms from scratch, completely bespoke to your brand and tailored to your specific training goals and requirements.

We will also put your delegates' experience at the forefront and question decisions to ensure that training is as successful, engaging, and interactive as it can be.

We can also support your virtual training needs and create anything from introductory videos to bespoke animations to personalised documents and even your training branding.

At every step of the way, you will have your account manager and team who will be dedicated to your event and your event only.

What is Virtual Learning?

Virtual training takes the fundamentals of face-to-face training to help replicate the experience through a virtual platform. One of the biggest benefits of using a virtual platform for training purposes is that it overcomes any geographical obstacles and makes training accessible to everyone, anywhere!

Why choose virtual learning solutions?

Not only is virtual training perfect for accessibility it can benefit your organisation in many other ways, such as:

  • Flexibility - Virtual training provides flexibility with anytime, anywhere learning that will suit both the early birds and night owls.
  • Reduce carbon footprint - We all know that trainers love paper. From flipcharts to printouts classroom learning can often lead to a bin full of paper at the end of the day. Going virtual will result in all your training resources being electronic! Virtual training will also remove the need for travel and any food wastage too.
  • Consistent Messaging- Content, messages, and resources are delivered consistently to everyone, everywhere to the same quality.
  • Cost - As you will be eliminating the costs of travel, venue, and subsistence, virtual training can be a more cost-effective solution for your business's training needs.

Create Unique Learning Experiences

Learning has often been a one size fits all approach, however, we all have different learning styles that can vary on the content we are absorbing. Virtual training platforms create a personalised, visually engaging, and unique learning experience that can be completely tailored to individuals whilst being conveniently located all in one place at the touch of a button.

Virtual training

How can we make your virtual training hub, educational, engaging, interactive, and the place to be?

To develop the best possible training hub for your business we:

  1. Look at your businesses training goals and develop the training platform architecture from there, creating a bespoke virtual ‘hub’ that is fully customisable to your training requirements whilst reflecting your brand.

  2. Create a training destination for all your business and delegate needs. Training resources, downloadable materials, live classrooms, pre-recorded seminars, animations, networking, assessment submissions, and online proctored exams all in one convenient location.

  3. Develop learner profiles that are fully personalised to each delegate, where they can also stay up to date with training updates, ask questions directly to the trainer, and network with colleagues or students on the course.

  4. Training rooms- Do you have several topics that you want to cover off? Separate training rooms can be created to suit your virtual agenda with room locking options available.

  5. Enhance your delegates' experience through gamification to make learning more fun whilst also gaining valuable insights into your delegate’s interactions. From progress bars, quizzes, and badge awards, your delegates' experience will be a priority from the start.

  6. Have options for learners to access materials and resources on the go. Bespoke app creation means delegates can access everything wherever they are- even when they are on their morning commute!

  7. Provide technical support that is available throughout the platform, allowing your delegates to interact with a real human to create a seamless experience.

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