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The importance of analysing your attendee data in 2022 

With events being not only expensive, but also time-consuming both for planners and attendees, it is essential to analyse your event data in 2022 to ensure success.

With event data, you can paint a clear picture of who your attendees are by learning their behaviors and interests. This information can then be applied to future events and help to increase event success, event ROI, and attendee satisfaction.

Where is the event data collected?

Events are now available in many different formats from in-person, virtual to hybrid and with increasing event technology, the means and volume of data which can be analysed has increased tenfold.

Sources of data collection include; event management platforms, social media, mobile event apps, radio frequency identification, bluetooth, near-field technology, and more.

What is the value of all this data?

The revenue an event generates may well indicate its current financial success, but it is not necessarily an indicator of its future sustainability and potential.

With so many sources of event data now available it makes sense to also look at measuring other non-financial performance indicators to increase the likelihood of repeat business and to determine the likelihood of future financial success.

Attendee data is key

Event metrics for 2022 are all about the attendees. The ways in which attendees interact can tell us a lot about the performance of the event and is also a strong indicator of engagement.

Let's take a look at some of the essential metrics you should be looking to analyse:

  • Event Check-ins - Are you losing people between registration and check-in? Do you need more promotion leading up to the event to build excitement?
  • Visit Duration - What is the average time spent at your session, stand or show? This will indicate how much interest there was.
  • Speaker Engagement - Which speakers resonated most with the audience?
  • Session Analytics - Which sessions were a success? Look for common themes in the top-performing sessions such as topics, tracks, or length of session and use your findings when deciding sessions for your next event.
  • Number of Messages Sent Within the Event Community - Did your event help facilitate connections?
  • Attendee Satisfaction - What are attendees looking forward to? Is the event meeting expectations? What can be improved for future events?
  • The Characteristics of the Most and Least Engaged Attendees - Were they from a particular sector? Were they of a certain job seniority? A particular country or region?

In a digital, fast-paced world, reinvention, innovation and maintaining the competitive edge should be ingrained in all the events that you run. It is essential to tailor your events to your attendees. Key attendee metrics are the tools to keep these driving forces alive in 2022!

How can we help?

Event data is often an afterthought, however, it is more important than ever before. Unsure of where to start when it comes to your event data, First Event can work with you to unlock incredible opportunities in the next twelve months and beyond. Contact us by heading to our contact page!