Travel Management.

During First Event's 18 years we have developed a highly experienced flight management team and built up many valuable relationships with THE GROUP booking departments OF all MAJOR airline groups.

We’re confident that we can ensure you receive maximum flexibility and the lowest possible cost of your flight bookings, which enables a faster turnaround and much smoother process for any events you wish to hold outside of the UK.

Our in-house booking system and IATA accreditation allows our dedicated Flights Management team to deal directly with all major airlines. Through this they can view all possible flight details, book with airlines in real-time and also print and reissue tickets in-house. This gives us the maximum amount of flexibility, enabling us to tailor the flight schedules not only to the group but, where necessary, the individuals.

As an ATOL certified travel operator we can also guarantee that you are protected from being stranded abroad or losing money on travel bookings with us.

"There are many advantages to an events team having their own Flights Management department."

"For instance we can work directly with the Account Managers to consider the client and customers’ needs as a priority when planning the logistics of a non-UK event.

Our GDS System gives us an edge on many of our competitors, providing us with direct access into the flight information of all airlines. We can also make changes to bookings a lot more easily than companies without this facility. Usually, British Airways (BA) would not be included in this. However, our partnership with BA allows us access to their system too. So we really do have all bases covered."

Angela Shuttleworth - Logistics Manager

If you're planning an event overseas, we can also help you book a stand-out venue with our comprehensive venue finding service.

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