Virtual Event Offerings 

Virtual events

A rise in remote working means that you may be working with people from their homes or all over the world.

Whilst physical events create immersive experiences that can bring together your entire workforce, virtual events provide an effective way to share key messages and connect with your audiences wherever they are.

Seamless virtual event offerings

As virtual event specialists we are seeing many businesses pivot to virtual event offerings, to continue to achieve their business goals in a convenient way.

If you're interested in what virtual events can offer you, we've put together a downloadable that shows you how you can integrate your live events with virtual solutions, and what features you can get with full virtual events.

View our virtual event offerings and see how you can deliver exceptional event experiences online.

Virtual team building

Full virtual events

  • Management for up to 100,000 attendees, including a registration site and technical support.

  • Production of live sessions and breakouts distributed to an online audience, with the ability to create on-demand sessions.

  • Platform license and bespoke templates for you to customise your virtual events and reflect your branding.

  • Speaker and content management to ensure that the messages you want to deliver are done so in the way that best reflects your business’ goals.

  • Delivery of an online ‘hub’ that can promote event news, and allow for networking and discussion.

  • App delivery to provide analytics for your event, and offer an additional platform for audience engagement.

Studio Events

Create high quality event streams in a convenient pop-up studio. We can make your event fully customised, with branded backdrops, graphic overlays and multi-camera views. Our studio event option allows you to insert pre-recorded material and also use live video Q&As, to engage your audiences and help you deliver key messages. Your live stream can be embedded into a custom streaming website to ensure that attendees can watch your event unfold seamlessly.

Hybrid Events

Looking to organise an event, but logistically can’t guarantee that all of your employees attend in person? Live streaming your events is a great way to make sure that nobody needs to miss any important business updates, key messages, or educational seminars.

Our hybrid services use live streaming for your physical events, using non-intrusive camera equipment, live chats and polling, social media integreation and more. Our streaming solutions allow you to reach a wider audience online, and digitally enhance your physical events.

For more infomation on our virtual offering visiti our dedicated virtual event website 'One Virtual' here

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