How To Make the Most Out of Your Post-Event Feedback

As a Google 4.6-star rated creative event agency, at First Event we absolutely know the value of receiving feedback from our corporate event clients and attendees. Here, we’ll share our tips and advice for achieving the most out of your post-event feedback in 2024!

If you’re a current or potential client of ours; curating, designing, building and hosting a corporate event with the First Event team, then we know that you want an event that impresses your clients and guests. Luckily, as a 360 degree event agency, this is our specialty! You may be wondering what potential feedback could look like post an event; was attendee engagement strong? Was the sound and lighting effective? Did the delivery of the event live up to expectations? Was the use of technology impressive? These are perfectly common questions to have as the host and, perfectly common topics for attendees to comment on. Ultimately, knowing the elements that could crop up in feedback ahead of time, is a great way to get ahead! 

It's important to encourage and ensure as much feedback as possible, to be able to learn from these opinions and views for future events. To ensure the highest feedback participation rate, we recommend the following steps:

  •  Offer all feedback participants a small discount (perhaps off a future event ticket, subscription, membership or product) or a small free gift – it’s ideal to reward attendees for their feedback to encourage them to participate.
  • You should also briefly explain during your event why feedback is so important, highlighting that your aim is to ensure the delivery of engaging, personalised and successful events that listen to their attendees needs, wants and requests!


Here are some example questions you could include in your feedback questionnaire:

  • How would you rate your overall experience at our event?
  • What element did you most enjoy?
  • Did you feel that the event was personalised to you and your business?
  • What could be handled differently or improved upon?
  • Did you learn anything new at the event? If so, what was it?
  • Did the event technology impress?
  • Did you make any new connections?
  • How would you rate the event organisers?
  • What did you think of the event marketing in terms of the social media, branding or any other creative?


Be careful to find a balance between keeping your feedback quick and easy to complete, whilst also ensuring you’re generating enough meaningful information to guide the future. Feeling in need of support for your next corporate event? You’ll be in good hands at a creative event agency alike First Event!

We are one of the world’s leading, 360 degree, event planning agencies and have been creating personalised corporate events for over 20 years! Our stellar team of event professionals are absolutely excellent at what they do and can bring your vision to life through their wealth of experience in the industry. 

From in-person to virtual events; from the UK to overseas, we are well versed and knowledgeable in all aspects of corporate events and can create a bespoke event that is perfect for you and personalised to your guests.

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