Having an event without marketing is just like hosting a party without sending out the invites…

If you don’t have the right marketing, your event won’t attract the right people you want in the room (or on the livestream). The expert marketing team at First Event knows all the secret ingredients that go into an effective and engaging marketing strategy. We can keep your audience absorbed with your brand and its messaging at every step of the event planning process.

Our magic-making marketeers will work alongside you and your business objectives to conjure up a bespoke marketing approach for your event. We’ll show your guests why they simply HAVE to get on that guest list, illustrating the benefits of attending, and getting them excited for what’s to come.

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Email marketing campaigns

Put your event directly in front of your target audience with email marketing. But not with just any old generic email. We can help you to stand out from a busy inbox by making your event emails fun, exciting, and aesthetically pleasing, all whilst nailing the important information, and spotlighting your brand and messaging.

We’ll work alongside you to create a strategic email marketing plan to ensure the best results for your event. We’ll tailor the content depending on your target audience in order to boost engagement and enable your event to live up to its potential.

Social media content

For creating a wider reach and tapping into new audiences, social media is the perfect event marketing tool. On the right platform, and with eye-catching imagery, killer copy and viral-worthy videos, social media can create an online buzz before, during and after your event. We’ll even create an event hashtag to really drive that engagement and interaction from your guests!

Public relations strategy

So, we’ve got social media and email marketing in the bag. Next up in our event marketing toolkit is a press-stopping public relations strategy. Being able to craft an attention grabbing press release is one thing, but knowing which publications it needs to be published in requires an eye for opportunity and a boat load of press-know-how. Good thing our marketing team are pros at it all! We’ll use the business connections we’ve forged over the last 20 years, spanning a whole host of industries and regions, to generate the positive publicity that will attract the right attendees to your event.

Traditional marketing

In our (expert) opinion, nothing quite helps bring a brand to life than tangible, traditional marketing methods. Our in-house team can help you implement print and face-to-face communications, to ensure the participants of your event will feel well-informed and immersed in your brand experience from start to finish. This means everything from brochures, leaflets and itinerary packs, to gifts, goodie bags and merchandise.

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