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At First Event we believe in the power of experiences and the skill of making the difficult feel effortless. Whether live or virtual, we’re here to make your events fantastic and your life easier – because we are a one-stop-shop for all your event needs.



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We achieve excellence by immersing ourselves in your business and brand to ensure we fully understand your aims and objectives. We then meet and exceed them through unforgettable experiences that also create a long lasting post event legacy.

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Incentive Events Unleashed: Benefits for B2B and Employee Engagement in 2024

In line with the rising trend of non monetary rewards and recognition being used to create stronger workplace cultures and…

First Event
February 22, 2024
Creative News

Harnessing creativity for exceptional event experiences

Our Creative Director, Marc Allott, delves into the transformative impact of our 360 approach to client collaboration and how it supports…

First Event
February 14, 2024
Conference Virtual

Mastering Audience Engagement: Strategies for Live, Hybrid, and Virtual Events

Event success can mostly be measured by one core metric: engagement. Creating an engaging event means that you’ve truly understood…

First Event
February 8, 2024