Why Inclusion Is Paramount at Any Corporate Event

The importance of creating an inclusive culture in the workplace cannot be ignored and must extend to the internal and external corporate events that you host as a business.  Inclusion empowers your team and showcases different thought processes, based on experiences and perspectives, which in turn, drives innovation, progress and engagement! Here, we’ll discuss two key reasons why we believe you should put inclusion at the forefront of your next corporate event…

What Does Inclusion Mean?

Inclusion or an inclusive culture ensures that all people have access to equal opportunities, no matter their circumstances. It seeks to remove the occurrence of discrimination and intolerance and is all about accepting and respecting people, ensuring they are made to feel valued, respected, included, welcomed and represented. 

Generally, the events space has found new ways to adopt inclusion to create environments where everyone feels welcome! In an industry where the guest is at the centre, we believe it is totally outdated to ignore inclusion, so why should you prioritise inclusion in all of your future corporate events?

1.        Attendees Feel Welcomed, Accommodated, and Do Not Feel Uncomfortable

This is something we work with all clients to avoid on their event planning! We take every attendees wants and needs into consideration and produce creative ways to give all guests a positive and enjoyable experience. For us, this is the standard!

2.        It Allows A Brilliant Opportunity to Educate Other Attendees 

We know that not everyone and every business is on board with inclusion! So, let your event be the platform to demonstrate to others that small event requirements can make a big impact. Having closed captions on videos, wheelchair accessible activities, gluten free food alternatives or gender-neutral toilets are all small ways that you can be part of a change. It’s an amazing opportunity for you to let your guests and peers know that you have considered and prioritised creating an inclusive event, to which everyone is welcome! 

Make this the year that you take your corporate events to the next level, by creating a space that in turn, will generate engagement, collaboration and success! For support on your next corporate event, partner with one of the UK’s leading event companies; with experience like no other, First Event can deliver creative, 360 degree events. For more information about our corporate events, please get in touch with our team today to request your complimentary consultation!