Brand & product roadshow

Location: Several stops across the UK and Europe.

Event type: Experiential Marketing Roadshow.

Industry: Energy Systems.

Event objectives:

When we were approached by a new client to support their first ever roadshow experience, we knew how significant this was. Entrusting us to deliver such a significant ‘first’ on behalf of this client, showcasing their new heat pump products across the UK and Europe.

This event was designed to foster interaction within two main groups of the client’s customer base,  the first being homeowners, the second being professionals. Within these two main groups, this client created a month-long event in order to raise brand awareness, create meaningful networking opportunities, and encourage their audience to interact with their new range of products. 

This client is on a mission to help homeowners save money on their energy bills, whilst lowering their carbon footprint too. Particularly under the current economic climate, the products and services of this client are perfectly positioned to add value to the lives of their clients. It was our job to create the kind of experiential event that captured this value.  



Event overview:

To do this, we converted a huge trailer to travel around the country, stopping to engage with the general public directly, and find out more about how their product can be used to solve the urgent problems of their customer base. 

With our support, the client kitted out the trailer with all of their fantastic products and accessories, creating their very own portable showroom, and from there they hit the road. The roadshow stopped all over the country, from the Trafford Centre in Manchester to Blue Water Shopping Centre in London, in order to interact directly with as many customers as possible.  

The event itself was well advertised beforehand, with small incentives such as competitions and goodybags added to maximise engagement and attendance from both existing and potential customers. An event hashtag was also created to encourage people to post their pics of the trailer on social media, and to keep up to date with the latest news from the roadshow.


Overall the event was a huge success. The advertising, incentives, and ultimately the event concept created a huge buzz of interest around the roadshow, resulting in boosted attendance and ultimately a great ROI for the client. But the biggest win for this client was getting to share the benefits of their sustainable tech with the people it was designed to help, leaving guests with tons of knowledge and advice on saving money and protecting the planet. What a powerful way to create an unforgettable experience throughout an expanding customer base.