Internal engagement in the Algarve

No. of delegates: 250 from a global team

Location: Algarve, Portugal

Event type: Overseas conference and internal engagement

Industry: Translation software

Event objectives:

This remote first company wanted to bring their 250 person global team together for the very first time, meeting and collaborating in person to strengthen their otherwise online working relationships. This client’s core aim for this internal engagement event was to host a week of daytime conference itinerary centred around the organisation’s values, strategy, and future plans, mixed in with engaging activities, workshops and evening dinners. 

As part of our initial event planning process, we spent time understanding our client, their team and their shared interests, meaning that we were able to design an event that truly reflected the personality of the team and create an itinerary that was bespoke to this organisation. 


Event overview:

Since this global team was travelling to Portugal from destinations all across the world, we coordinated a comprehensive travel service that saw all 250 delegates arrive at the event location in the most cost effective way possible.  All travel details, as well as programme information and packing recommendations were communicated through a bespoke event website, where attendees could access the most up to date information about their event. 

This organisation is driven by 5 core values, and our client wanted attendees to spend the week becoming immersed in these values, so that they could embody them through their work after the trip had finished. As such, each day of the event was dedicated to a specific value, which included:

  • Be direct and kind. Put yourself in others’ shoes.
  • Support one another. Thrive together. 
  • Build competence. Keep growing.
  • Take ownership. Optimise for impact.
  • Aim high. Stay down to earth.

Each day was filled with conference sessions and workshops both company-wide and within departments, with added extras for the attendees to select which ones they wanted to attend based on their interests and preferences. All of these delegate preferences were captured, coordinated and managed seamlessly through our online delegate management system, allowing guests to express a first, second and third choice for the various components of the event. This tailored approach ensured that each attendee had the opportunity to attend their preferred workshop, leading to a greater level of engagement with the week-long conference. 

Equally as important as the engaging daytime conference sessions were the evening dinners. This is where the teams could relax and unwind after a day of immersing themselves in the values of their organisation, and come together to socialise and  form strong connections. That’s why we went above and beyond in ensuring that each of these evening activities was completely different to the last, in order to sustain attendee engagement throughout the 5 days. The unique dinners, each with its own distinct theme, was another opportunity for us to reflect the client’s unique personality through once in a lifetime experiences. 

The evening dinners were the perfect blend of delicious cuisine and exciting themes, designed to cater to the diverse preferences of the vibrant group. They included: 

  • Global Village & Karaoke: Celebrating all of the wonderful countries where the team are from, topped off with some karaoke. 
  • Portuguese Dinner with a Twist: An extraordinary dining experience, with dancers performing current songs in their unique style. 
  • Jazz Fest: Melodies of a live jazz band played while enjoying a delightful picnic-style dinner. 
  • DJ Pool Party: A poolside party, full of fantastic food, drinks and dancing.
  • Sundown Beach Club: Making the most of this beach setting for the final night, guests enjoyed a relaxed evening with beach games, and even more food and drinks. 


With only two months to plan and execute this week-long event, we successfully crafted an unprecedented experience for our client, and the amazing feedback we received throughout speaks volumes about its success.

The attendees, who came from different parts of the world, were able to meet their team members in person and foster even stronger working relationships together through a blend of conference style, inspirational workshops, and incredible evening experiences. 

The Global Village evening activity in particular encouraged attendees to celebrate the culture of their country, and further highlighted the diverse backgrounds and strengths of everyone in attendance. 

Throughout the event, there was great focus on maintaining excitement and a lively atmosphere. The relationships among the employees grew stronger, and our team loved being able to witness these connections develop in real time between delegates. 

Of all the amazing feedback we received during and after the event, this particular response stood out the most to us:

“This was hands down one of the best experiences of my professional career and I loved every minute of it. We are in one hell of a great company, can’t wait to mature the relationships I have made at this offsite event!”