Knowledge Exchange 2023

No. of delegates: 60

Event type: Virtual Conference

Industry: Healthcare

Event objectives:

As the third annual virtual conference that we have worked on with this client, we knew the event goals and objectives pretty well. But, keen to keep attendees engaged and enthusiastic about the event’s core messaging, we knew that this year we’d need to get creative to bring an innovative take on a tried and tested format. This year the event had a particular focus on prevention, early intervention, and mitigating harm from preconceptions throughout life, as well as showcasing the amazing work that is taking place across the system. The event also needed to allow attendees to be updated on progress towards reaching collective ambitions, supported by early findings from research, evaluation, and development of resources. The three day event was designed to support attendees on their journey from theoretical understanding all the way through to practical delivery.




Event overview:

This three day event covered some heavy subject matter, and so our client wanted to offset this by creating as relaxed an environment as possible. Balancing out the serious discussions with fun, interactive games and content, we wanted the attendees to feel comfortable whilst tackling serious subjects. To create this, we built a games hub on the event website, encouraging platform visitors to get involved and find some breathing space amongst the heavy discussions taking place during the day. Not only were these games custom made for the event, they were an opportunity for attendees to consolidate on the insights they had heard throughout the day. The four, completely bespoke games created by our team added a wealth of additional opportunities to keep attendees engaged throughout the three days. This platform was purpose built around the needs of the attendees, using feedback from previous years to ensure that the core functionality was kept fresh, engaging and interesting. This site had also been kept live for the 12 months since the previous conference, allowing attendees to access on-demand content from speaker sessions delivered at former annual conferences.

We further innovated the event model used in previous years by adding an in person element otherwise entirely remote conference, which also helped to mitigate the virtual fatigue attendees may be experiencing from previous years full of virtual events. The live element of the event turned out to be just the dose of innovation this event format needed. Attendees could network, enjoy refreshments, before coming together for a final, powerful keynote speech to cement the action-driven tone of the conference.

The live event also saw an in-person version of our otherwise virtual diary room. This diary room featured a real ‘big brother’ style chair and video camera that attendees could use to record their takeaways and impressions from the conference. Attendees took full advantage of this feature, and got the celebrity treatment whilst engaging even further with the core messages of the conference.

Our studio:

The all important speaker sessions were a mixture of pre recorded speakers and panel discussions that were live streamed from our in person studio. The lineup of speakers was sensational, packed full of industry experts and specialists. This was an exciting event for us here at First Event as it was our first chance to put our upgraded studio to work. 

Our studio space is a blank canvas for our clients to adapt and make their own, equipped with the latest cutting-edge technology, including Birddog PTZ and Blackmagic studio cameras for stunning 4K resolution. With variable colour temperature panels, and programmable LED battens, we have the tools to create any mood or atmosphere. Our studio also includes a digital audio mixer, 8 wireless microphones, live streaming, ISO recording, a teleprompter, a comfort monitor, and a green room space designed for speakers to relax and unwind in before delivering their insights to virtual attendees. .

We take pride in creating a branded experience that fully represents your unique identity. That’s why our fully brandable set, foamex panels and customisable set furniture  make it easy to create a personalised set that’s truly unique to your brand. Which is exactly what we did for this client. The studio offers an intimate space for interviews, panel sessions and presenting, whether it is live stream or recorded. Our technology, technical expertise and seamless project management means we can take control of your whole production. 


Of the three annual events we have hosted for this client, this year’s was by far the most successful. Our working relationship with this client has developed over the years to the point where they trust our vision and our expertise, allowing us to really get creative when it comes to embodying their event goals and messaging. We were able to do this in new, exciting and engaging ways, led by passion, creativity and excitement. We are proud to be considered an extension of this client’s team, and we can’t wait for the events we’ll create in the future.