Virtual Christmas Celebration

Event: Online Christmas Party
Industry: Automotive
Attendees: 227

Event objectives:

An automotive company approached us to create a fun and engaging virtual Christmas party across two afternoons. Our client’s main objectives were to bring the team together, celebrate success, and create genuine moments just like you would at an in-person Christmas party.


Event overview:


Our client was delighted with the success of their virtual Christmas celebration. We are now working with the client for an in-person event in early Summer 2022. 

Our top tips:

To achieve the most out of your virtual events, our event experts have pulled together their top three tips to help you achieve event success just like this one did!

  • Agenda timings– don’t put popular activities after work or around school pick-up times as this will help maximise your attendees without any distractions.
  • Consistent communication– in the run-up to the event ensures that you are keeping your delegates informed whilst building excitement in the run-up to the event.
  • Think outside the box– when it comes to design, think about making the design and brand bespoke to your event. This will entice your delegates to explore your virtual event and create cohesion across all elements.