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Vietnam Event Inspiration

Previously known as Saigon, Ho Chi Minh City, is unique and fascinating city in Vietnam. This beautiful destination is full of life, with food stalls lining the city’s streets and impressive French colonial landmarks dotted around the city.

Stay in the ‘Pearl of the Far East,’ Saigon, to see the incredible sights of Vietnam, using vespers to discover the city. Take speedboats down the Mekong River Delta – home to a maze of swamps, islands, floating markets, and villages surrounded by rice paddies – allowing you to become truly immersed in this amazing destination.

On top of a journey through the city’s history, there are a wide range of modern rooftop bars and restaurants, with an incredible selection of stunning venues – including the Government House – for your gala dinner to take place.

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  • Located on the south coast, Ho Chi Minh is Vietnam's largest city
  • Luxury hotels, vibrant city life and historic interest
  • Frequent direct flights from London


  • £3,700 PER PERSON
  • 4 DAY


  • Vespa Tours of the city
  • Speedboats to the Mekong Delta
  • Underground experience of the Cu Chi Tunnels
  • Rooftop dinners
  • Golf tournaments / Vietnamese Massages!
  • Gala dinner in Government house in central Saigon