Financial management

We closely monitor the budget throughout the lifecycle of every project, providing you with regular updates.


At the start of our work on your event we will provide you with a contract and our terms and conditions, outlining all payment requirements and attrition structure. If any changes are made to the project we will then provide an amended contract.



Management fees

Throughout the event lifecycle we use our state-of-the-art project management software to track the time worked on that project. We are happy to share this information with our clients at any time.

When we reconcile an event, we determine if the hours worked reflect our management fee. If they are lower than anticipated we will refund the excess.

If the scope of work changes we may agree an increase in management fee with you and provide an amended budget. Be assured that we would never increase an agreed management fee if the original requirements are unaltered.

Total transparency

We provide a clear structure of transparent fees that are based on the scope of work and time taken to complete a project.

If the project or circumstances dictate a need to increase budgets, we will discuss the options with you, before committing any further spend. The budget total should never be a surprise, and with us it never will be.

Working on your behalf

Payment schedules are structured in accordance with the payments we make to suppliers on your behalf. We are unable to pay any suppliers without advance payment for these services. Any specific budget or reporting requirements can be discussed with your First Event contact.