Crafting Memorable Experiences: Strategies for Event Engagement in 2024

It’s that time again; the new year is just around the corner and what better time to set your 2024 event goals! What are you looking to achieve in the new year? Perhaps you’d like to enhance the delegate experience? Or maximise the luxury of your events? Maybe it’s optimising attendee engagement that you’ve been mulling over? The First Event team would love to give you our advice! Therefore, we’ve explained some of the strategies we’ll be making the most of in 2024…

We believe that every event should be purposeful yet enjoyable, entertaining and ultimately, fun! Discovering the perfect balance of all of these factors will help you create the recipe for event success. Our team at First Event works tirelessly to achieve this perfect ratio for our clients. From planning to hosting; local to international; we’ve had the pleasure of demonstrating our skills and expertise in event planning to thousands, by totally immersing ourselves into our clients’ vision and the world of their audience.

Event engagement is absolutely vital. It’s what gets people talking and creates lasting, memorable experiences! Our aim is for our clients’ attendees to understand the vision of the event, right off the bat. This goes such a long way to retaining their interest for the duration of the event and it also encourages their participation and engagement with the speakers, seminars, lunches or workshops.

One of our top tips is to utilise your social media platforms, before, during and after your event. Whether it’s sharing digital invitations, engaging your followers in polls, creating an event countdown to excite your guests, or sharing live videos to those who are missing out! Be sure to maximise the use of your social media channels to engage your audience before they even attend the event!

Whilst social media has rapidly become one of the fastest ways to promote your business, there are plenty of other marketing channels at your fingertips. Marketing isn’t just fundamental for gaining attendees, if the right audience is reached, it will in fact find you genuinely interested delegates who will naturally participate and engage at your event. 

To encourage attendees to get involved, it’s always worth including interactivity into the sessions that make up the event. This could be in the form of games or quizzes; Q&As or breakouts. We often try to reward engagement too, perhaps with a prize. In our experience, delegates can’t help but get involved if there is an opportunity to win!

So, if creating a genuinely engaging and compelling event is on your 2024 event bucket list, then get in touch with our corporate events team now. Our expert planners will ensure a memorable delegate experience through an event that captivates your crowd! Contact First Event today and make use of our FREE venue finding service!