First Event: Hosting Eco-Conscious Corporate Events That Wow

Here at First Event, we're passionate about creating unforgettable experiences. But even the most dazzling event loses its shine if it comes at a cost to the environment. That's why we're championing sustainable corporate events – events that minimise environmental impact, without sacrificing creativity or engagement.


Why Go Green? It's a Win-Win!


Sustainable events aren't just good for the planet, they're good for business too. As the world becomes increasingly aware of eco-conscious practices, incorporating these into your corporate events is fast becoming a must. By hosting a sustainable event, you're demonstrating your commitment to environmental and social responsibility; a sure-fire way to impress clients, customers, partners, and potential recruits.


Greening Your Event: First Event’s Tips


Planning a sustainable event is about getting creative! Here's a sneak peek at how First Event makes your event eco-friendly, all while keeping it electrifying:

  • Location, Location, Location: We'll help you find venues local to you that feature, for example, energy-efficient practices like on-site recycling and access to public transport. 
  • Catering with a Conscience: Locally sourced, seasonal ingredients? Check. Plant-based options alongside delicious, ethically raised meat dishes? Absolutely. We'll create a menu that reduces food miles and caters to diverse dietary needs.
  • Ditch the Disposable: Say goodbye to plastic water bottles and hello to reusable alternatives. We can even incorporate digital invitations, agendas and signage to minimise paper waste. Plus, we’ll help you to reuse materials, wherever you can and if you can’t, we’ll guide you in disposing of all materials correctly.
  • Give Back and Be Rewarded: Partner with an environmental organisation and make a donation of your proceeds to a good cause. It's a team-building exercise with purpose! At First Event, we’re incredibly proud to be planting trees and offsetting our carbon footprint with Tree-Nation. They partner with reforestation projects around the world and allow businesses to contribute to real tree planting efforts to help combat climate change!

Ready to plan a corporate event that's good for your brand and good for the planet? Let's make your corporate events sustainable and spectacular! Contact First Event today and we'll handle the rest; from venue selection to sustainable swag, ensure your event leaves a lasting, positive impact on your audience and the environment. Get in touch with our team today to make the most of our free venue finding service!