How To Prepare for a Career in the Event Planning and Management Industry

Are you currently studying for a qualification in event management or similar? Perhaps you’re just curious about the realm of event planning and the potential of having a career in this space? Today, you’re in luck! Here, we’ll share our very best industry advice to get you started on a journey in the wonderful world of events.

The first thing you need to know is that the events environment is ever changing and incredibly fast paced! Therefore, one of our most important tips is to stay active and up to speed. No matter the industry you work in, it’s vital that you’re always on the front foot, hunting for the next best thing or getting on top of the latest trends; the events industry is no different. Stay on your toes!

‘Event planning’ is an umbrella term to say the least; within this there are hundreds of different sectors, industries and event types that you can work within, from planning an intimate wedding, to hosting an international corporate event, like we do here at First Event. There are also a wide range of different professions within an event that you can specialise in, be it managing the audio-visual requirements of an event or co-ordinating the communications, for example.

There are lots of ways that you can prepare for a career within this industry! Take a look at our brief list of steps you can take to get closer to your dream events career…

  • Get a degree or qualification within event planning and management, or within a supporting industry; our team includes marketeers, web developers, finance professionals and more!
  • If studying for a formal qualification isn’t for you, have a look for online courses that you can complete to build up your knowledge.
  • Check out as much free, educational content as possible; TikTok and YouTube are great for short videos that give tips, trend predictions, and much more.
  • If you have the free time, try to volunteer at events to gain industry experience and get a feel for the work involved.
  • Network at events to gain contacts and get to know industry professionals that could potentially help you find some fantastic opportunities in your career.

For over 20 years, we’ve been one of the leading global event companies. We believe that event planning, specifically corporate event planning, be it in person or virtually, can be super powerful and create an experience of a lifetime for the attendees. We really can’t think of a more interesting industry in which to forge a career! 

For more information about our corporate events, please contact our incredible team and begin your 2024 event journey, today.