Stay Ahead This Summer with Our Trending Corporate Event Ideas!

Summer 2024 is well underway and as is our calendar of summer events! As our clients look to reward and engage their team via an internal conference, an international virtual event or even an incentive trip in the UK or overseas, we turn our attention to the hundreds of possibilities at our fingertips for hosting incredible corporate events across the summer!

European Summer

Deriving as a trend on TikTok, ‘European Summer’ romanticises the beauty and allure of Europe’s most beautiful destinations. From Monaco to Mallorca; Amalfi to the Algarve, mini breaks and incentivised trips are a go-to favourite amongst many of our clients. 

Cultivating relationships outside of the office, demonstrating to employees, clients or partners how much you care, producing brilliant social media content, and importantly, creating long-lasting memories for attendees, it’s really easy to see why getting away this summer is a corporate event must!

Gaming Experiences

Gaming experiences are fast becoming more popular in the UK. Whether it’s darts, axe-throwing, bowling or arcade gaming, a game-based corporate event offers a fantastic platform for attendees to relax, relive their childhood and engage in a little friendly competition! We particularly love the nostalgic, retro feel that an event of this kind has to offer.

Racing Days

But don’t stop there when it comes to competition! Whether you prefer go-karting or the real deal, thanks to Formula 1, racing and motorsport are rapidly rising in popularity. With tracks and venues all across the UK and Europe, each offering a variety of different racing opportunities, we are truly spoilt for choice when it comes to thrill seeking excitement!

Hybrid Events

Hybrid events are an area of our offering that we have briefly touched on in our previous blogs and for all the right reasons; hybrid events are the perfect tool to engage with a wider audience than just your local team. Through the use of technology, you can add an all-important virtual element into any in-person event, allowing attendees to engage and attend, no matter who or where they are this summer.

As one of the leading corporate event companies in the world, at First Event we have the pleasure of creating memorable events for clients across the globe. We believe in the power of corporate events and deliver a one-stop-shop for all things, event planning and marketing.

So, what are you waiting for? Create valued memories with your clients and your team with First Event! Contact us today to make the most of our complimentary event consultation.