The Importance of Staying Organised When Planning an Event!

Working in the event planning world can certainly be fun (or at least we think so!). However, that’s not to say that it can’t quickly become stressful, particularly if something is lost or forgotten! At First Event, one of our 5 values is ‘committed’; to our clients, suppliers and people to deliver the very best for each other every day. Organisation is a fundamental part of upholding this value. It’s more than just an action for us, it’s a necessity!

Whether it’s a trip to reward employees or a high-profile global conference, a corporate event is nothing without organisation. It guarantees that events run smoothly, it ensures the level of detail that people will be sure to remember, and it promises happy delegates and over the moon clients! Here are some more of our reasons why it’s important to stay organised as an event planner:

  •       Every event matters – whilst it could be a small event to you, it may be a huge event to your client or people! Be sure to keep this in mind and give 100% of your efforts to each and every one.
  •       An event is a judgement of your event planning ability, which is reflected in the success of your events. This is what will encourage you to be hired again in the future.
  •       Deadlines count! Therefore, making sure your actions are achieved in a timely manner is fundamental.
  •       You’ll enhance your own skills; customer service, problem solving and time management to name but a few. These will help you grow as an event planner, but more importantly, will impress the client along the way!

For a successful event, it’s important to prepare as much as you can ahead of time. From the smallest of details, to the more obvious stages of an event; you must make an effort to divert your attention to anything that you could possibly miss! Here’s some of the small things First Event do to stay organised to avoid this:

  •       We create an online event ‘hub’ for each client.
  •       We utilise our event planning software, virtual diaries and cloud document storage.
  •       We’re strict with our time frames. We deliver when we say we’re going to deliver (or earlier if we can!).
  •       We create processes for our team that work for them and suit our clients.
  •       We create actions lists for each stakeholder involved in the planning of each event.
  •       We always create a back-up. Any digital collateral that we create, for the event itself or its planning, is backed up and saved in a second location.
  •       We love a schedule! It ensures we know where everyone needs to be, what they need to be doing and when they need to be doing it.

We really are passionate about organisation – it’s what sets us apart from the rest! If the event planning process is feeling overwhelming and you’re struggling to stay organised, please contact our team today. We’ll be sure to lighten your load and put the structure and organisation into your corporate events! Visit our website or get in touch with our friendly event planners today.