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Our VEGANUARY challenge!

At First Event we understand the importance that food has at events and how impactful it can be!

We often have meaningful discussions with our clients on menu choices at their events, how we can reduce food emissions, and report on this for future events.

However, we want to make sure we are practicing what we preach, which is why in January or ’Veganuary’ we set ourselves a little challenge and decided to take part in Meatless Mondays as a team!

The challenge

Every working Monday in January, each member of the team made a conscious effort to opt for plant based alternatives.

We tried some amazing recipes and shared awesome tips to keep each other going through the challenge. You may have seen on our socials some of the wonderful dishes people cooked up! It was a fun challenge to do as a team, to try new things but most importantly to learn.

The main takeaway from Meatless Mondays, is that you don’t necessarily have to swear off meat all together, but meat doesn’t have to be the default choice any more, as there are so many accessible (and yummy) alternatives.

Eat more plants

This is the ethos of Eat More Plants, who we worked with throughout Meatless Mondays.

They provide wonderful vegan menu boxes which change every week. From tasty soups, to nutritious breakfasts, they hand make all of their food boxes to order, leaving no waste (which we also love). They even provided us with an extra, fun challenge for our last week, which was a Vegan Bake Off!

We had some wonderfully creative entries, but the lucky winner baked a delicious plant-based Carrot Cake, and won a wonderful menu box from Eat More Plants.

The results

Now for the important part, how much difference did this actually make?

One of the most vital steps when producing sustainable events is measurement for future reductions.

We are delighted to say that based upon our team choosing plant-based alternatives over the course of Veganuary, we saved up to a massive 0.5 tonnes of CO2e emissions. To compare, this is equivalent to:

  • Average emission of one passenger on a one-way flight from Paris to New York
  • Driving 3000km with a diesel car
  • The carbon sequestered by 2 tree seedlings grown for 10 years

It is estimated that during this challenge, we reduced our average carbon footprint per person from 19.56kgs of CO2e to 0.97 Kgs of CO2e. This just goes to show that seemingly small changes can have such a meaningful impact, and by just reducing your meat intake 1-day a week you can make a huge difference for our planet.

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