All-Industry Conference in Croatia

No. of delegates: 430

Location: Dubrovnik, Croatia

Industry: Building Merchant

Event type: Conference

Event objectives:

To plan an impressive conference and VIP trip that will develop merchant and supplier relations while promoting national industry news and success.

We have a great relationship with this client and together, we’ve worked to deliver incredible events in Malta, Vilamoura and Budapest that continue to get bigger and better each time. This year, the conference’s main objectives were to provide excellent networking opportunities to delegates, inform and support members of the construction industry and create an enjoyable and beneficial experience for all.  




Event overview:

The 2 day conference was part of a 4 day trip in Dubrovnik providing the client with a full itinerary to engage their merchant and supplier networks. Some of the event highlights included:

  • 9 guest speakers including Gethin Jones as the host, Nick Knowles, and Lord John Prescott.
  • A dedicated conference app providing the full conference and gala dinner programme, event updates, sponsor interactions, live audience polls, and messaging opportunities for delegates.
  • Activities including wine tasting, city and boat tours.
  • Sponsored ‘dine arounds’ to build valuable relationships between merchants and suppliers.
  • Inclusion of the new and engaging ‘Merchant/Supplier Exchange’ which is carried out in a speed-dating style, along with a ‘Speaker’s Corner,’ which gave delegates a chance to discuss presentations with keynote speakers in more depth to ensure that they were able to get the most out of the conference sessions.
  • Gala dinner held at the Castle Bazaar with a charity auction.

We took care of everything, from travel and accommodation requirements, event app and website, as well as the speaker management and activities. The event was a huge success for all involved, prompting prospective supplier members to join BMF expanding the well-known trade association.