Cardano Summit 2021

No. of delegates: 140,000+

Location: Live from Wyoming, wih viewing parties and virtual attendees all over the world

Industry: Blockchain / Cryptocurrency


Event Objectives:

We worked with a leader in blockchain technology, Cardano, to deliver a two-day online summit with simultaneous watch parties all over the world.
The two-day summit’s key objective was to bring together the global developer community, including its Cardano’s partners, and developers to form a synergistic whole of creativity and interaction to create the world’s biggest ever for a blockchain event!

Event overview:

The Cardano Summit 2021 took place online over two days but also included ‘watch parties’ in New York, Miami, Wyoming, Berlin, Cape Town, London, and in more than 40 community hubs. The live stream was made available to view universally online via an elaborate, interactive and engaging virtual event world/platform.

The summit consisted of talks, presentations, and demos from Cardano leaders and luminaries, including Gillian Tett from The Financial Times and Monty Mountford from The Economist.

In the lead-up, to the event 25 speaker packs were sent across the world. Also, 130 presentations, talks, and lectures were pre-recorded in studios, edited, uploaded to the platform, and streamed from Wyoming to over 140,000+ users. across 180+ countries. The First Event team also provided technical support to the users 24 hours a day across the summits two days.

The summit’s virtual experience:

The summit was broadcast via an elaborate and impressive online platform with graphics transporting the attendees to a virtual world on the back of a swimming turtle. Delegates were able to customise their avatars before directing them into the event. Similar to a live event, to view a talk you simply walked your avatar up to the screen in whichever world you chose to visit.

The spectacular Cardano virtual event consisted of seven thematic worlds including; Cardano World, Utility, Impact, Governance, Adoption, Catalyst, and Community. Delegates could explore these worlds live throughout and as online resources after the event.

Delegates who attended virtually were able to use the latest technology which incorporates social, video, and interactive features. The avatars allowed virtual participants to interact with one another, play games, explore the virtual world and even win prizes. They also had access to chat rooms in each world which allowed them to discuss the talk/lecture they were viewing with their peers. In many cases the presenters themselves joined the conversations to answer questions while their video presentation played, which made it exceptionally interactive.

The watch parties and the live stage experience:

Run simultaneously across multiple time zones, the watch parties varied from location to location but all included; registration and information desks, viewing areas, networking areas, refreshments, merchandise, and live entertainment. Telepresence robots were also used at the six live locations for virtual and in-person delegates to interact with speakers and the company founder, Charles Hoskinson.

Although the watch parties were built around streaming the same pre-recorded presentations as the online event, the Wyoming viewing party was also the hub. With a huge live stage and production set-up the Wyoming hub created live content and announcements that were streamed live to the site’s main stage area throughout the day.


The hybrid summit allowed for a much wider audience to participate all over the world. The site received a total of 1.4 million page views, from 140,000+ users across 180+ countries. By embracing a hybrid event, Cardano enabled a much larger audience to attend and achieved the world’s biggest blockchain event to date. The client was delighted to bring together their Cardano community together again after a disconnected time apart due to the COVID-19 pandemic.