Celebrating Excellence

Type of event: Roadshow

No. of delegates: 100+ across 11 locations

Industry: Construction


Our clients key objectives for the event are to increase attendance rates, create a buzz around the National Awards later in the year, and educate installers about their loyalty platforms. For the past decade our client annually hosts this Roadshow, and every year it provides an excellent opportunity for regional installers and team members to come together with their local teams. 

Given the long standing legacy of this event, we knew we had to balance the cohesion of the long term brand experience with creating an event that was bigger, better, and more fun than before. By designing an updated and refreshed version of their annual Roadshow, we knew we could create an informal atmosphere that would drive fantastic results for our client.


In order to create a consistent experience that all attendees would enjoy, we kept regional variations of the Roadshow to a minimum. At each Roadshow venue, attendees were welcomed to an informal drinks reception before being taken into the main expo room to explore the latest products and updates from our client. As every expo room was different, our team had to map out the best possible floor plan for each location, using branding and design elements to encourage attendees to interact with all stands. 

In order to facilitate interaction, we created a series of gamified elements for attendees to enjoy, including a spin the wheel, a keepy-up competition, and a bean bag toss. The Roadshow also featured an expo bingo, where each attendee had a series of different criteria shown on the back of their lanyard. They had to speak to all attendees and staff members to try and tick off as many of the criteria as possible before being entered into a prize draw. 

Afterwards, the mini regional awards ceremonies commenced, coordinated to generate excitement for the upcoming National Awards later in the year. These regional awards showcased different uses of our client’s products, allowing attendees to understand the scope of what they can achieve using different products within our client’s range. As each winner was announced, the category assessor would display a photo of the winning entry and explain which products had been used to create it. The regional winners then gained their place at the National Awards.



Type of event: National Awards

No. of delegates: 250

Industry: Construction


Following on from the excitement of the Roadshow, this annual awards evening held at the prestigious Celtic Manor Hotel in Wales was the grand finale for this years’ regional winners. The highly anticipated event not only recognises and rewards the best within the industry but provides an unforgettable experience for attendees. 

The awards offered the perfect opportunity to come together to support the great workmanship and the successful projects of the last 12 months within the industry. The essence of the yearly events extends beyond celebration of the winners. The purpose is also to enhance our clients’ authority within the industry and inspire their customers to strive for the win. With each event, our clients’ profile is elevated significantly, and the ultimate measure of success lies in the year-on-year attendance, a testament to the event’s growing impact.


To kick-start the celebration, participants were offered the opportunity to engage in a friendly game of golf on the world-famous Celtic Manor course. For those who preferred a more relaxing start to the celebrations, an indulgent trip to the spa awaited, providing a rejuvenating experience to relax and prepare for the evening ahead. This ensured that every attendee could tailor their experience to their preferences, fostering a sense of inclusivity and enjoyment for all.

After a leisurely afternoon of golf or time at the spa attendees had time to get ready and head to the welcome drinks reception. Here, the atmosphere was charged with excitement as colleagues, industry leaders, and esteemed guests mingled and connected. The drinks reception was interactive and guests could pose on the red carpet for a photoshoot, visit the caricaturist for a sketch to take home, experience magic tricks by the roaming magician and have a game of foosball. The reception set the tone for an evening of celebration, anticipation, and camaraderie. 

As attendees entered the transformed venue for the main event, they were greeted by a spectacle of awe-inspiring lighting and branded decor. Guests were served a fantastic 3 course dinner before the main event commenced with a series of prestigious awards hosted by Hayley McQueen (Sky Sports presenter). Each winner was celebrated for their dedication, innovation, and excellence. The awards ceremony symbolised the pinnacle of success and served as a catalyst for raising industry standards. To wrap up the successful event in style, a renowned drumming DJ, DJ Lyndsay took the stage with a mesmerising performance. 


Roadshow results:

Our communication plan saw a 67% conversion rate from sign ups to attendees, smashing the 60% target set out for this year. Once those attendees were in the room, the event was effective in creating a lasting legacy on delegates, with 92% saying that they would attend future events. The Roadshow was similarly effective in highlighting the client’s range of products and services to installers, as well as generating excitement among delegates for the upcoming National Awards.

Overall, the Roadshow was a success, and saw incredible attendance across all 11 locations. With so many elements coordinated in 10 weeks, it was amazing to see it all come to fruition in a Roadshow that achieved this client’s goals. 

“Installers loved it, and those who didn’t attend and saw the pictures wished they had, and will make an effort next year.”

“Roadshow was great, the best I’ve seen so far.” 

National Awards results:

By effectively managing our resources within the budget, we successfully met the client’s objectives. Our collaboration with the Roadshows played a crucial role in enhancing the event’s identity as a whole, allowing us to incorporate consistent stylistic elements and create a lasting event legacy. 

The choice of Celtic Manor as the venue proved to be impressive, evoking a “wow” reaction and aligning perfectly with the attendee demographic. Notably, the positive responses regarding the quality of the food were particularly significant, as they held great importance for the Installers’ satisfaction, which we have gotten to know just how important over the years.