Net Zero Live Webinar

No. of delegates: 270

Industry: Construction

Event type: Virtual, Net Zero Live Webinar

Location: Streamed from our Leeds Studio

Event objectives:

Our client, Speedy Hire, hosted their Net Zero Live Webinar in our state-of-the-art green screen studio. This groundbreaking occasion brought together industry leaders, influential speakers, and the charismatic celebrity host, Sam Quek, creating a dynamic platform for exploring sustainability.

The Net Zero Live Webinar focused on thought leadership, engaging conversations, addressing challenges and highlighting innovative solutions. It also provided a forum to explore opportunities and celebrate successes in their industry’s transformative journey toward sustainability.




Event overview:

Content and Tech: Leveraging our expertise in technology and event content, we ensured that the sessions were as engaging as possible. The integration of interactive elements, a bespoke virtual studio and platform as well as cutting-edge visuals created an immersive experience for all attendees, allowing them to focus on the content and sustainability insights.

Thought Leadership: The webinar served as a platform for thought leaders to share their insights and strategies for addressing sustainability challenges. Participants gained valuable insights into the transformative journey toward a sustainable future by identifying and discussing potential growth areas.

Success Celebration: By recognising and applauding achievements in sustainability, the webinar not only motivated participants but also showcased the positive impact that can result from dedicated efforts.

Influential Speakers and Host: The event boasted leading figures in sustainability, their expertise added depth and credibility to the discussions, making the webinar an authoritative source of information. The presence of Sam Quek, a well-known personality, added flair to the event. Her role as a host not only facilitated smooth transitions but also added an element of entertainment, keeping the audience engaged throughout.



The combination of influential speakers, engaging content, and cutting-edge technology resulted in a webinar that created solutions to the challenges the industry faces on sustainability. Attendees were not only informed about the latest developments in sustainability but were also inspired to take action, particularly by the most popular session ‘Net Zero by 2040: How Speedy Hire will enable customers to meet their sustainability targets’.

The event was well received, with 269 individuals tuning in from across the industry. The event garnered positive feedback, and the audience were well-engaged throughout. 35% of attendees actively participated in the webinar by asking questions and reacting to the event content.

As a key player in the success of this event, we take pride in contributing to the advancement of sustainable practices and look forward to future collaborations with Speedy Hire as we strive towards our own goals and collective goals. At First Event, we have made it our mission to reduce our environmental footprint and support our clients in making their events more sustainable. We see it as our collective responsibility to make sustainable practices the norm. We want to become a leading voice of sustainability within the events industry, pushing for meaningful, lasting, and sustainable change wherever possible.

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