Reward trip to Palma Mallorca

Destination: Palma, Mallorca
Industry: Digital Marketing
Event type: Employee reward
Attendee no: 54


In the financial year of 2022 to 2023, the client team hit an and exceeded their financial targets. To reward their efforts, our client wanted to create a relaxed, low maintenance trip that would allow their people to truly take some time out and celebrate their successes as a team. We were tasked with designing an event itinerary that would allow the team to relax, unwind, and enjoy the rewards of their consistent hard work over the last year.




Event overview:

Over the course of 2 months, we crafted a weekend-long event where the team could soak up the sunshine in Palma de Mallorca, and create lifelong memories with their colleagues. Arriving on the Friday afternoon from Manchester airport, attendees arrived at their hotel to a drinks and buffet reception. The hotel we selected was perfect for meeting the guests’ needs, with easy to navigate facilities and a layout that encouraged relaxation at every turn. Following an afternoon at leisure, the guests enjoyed an exclusive dinner at Siso, a beachside restaurant in the local area. This luxury dining experience added that extra flourish of celebrity treatment that this team deserved, following their tireless work this year.

After a slow paced Saturday morning, the attendees then enjoyed either daytime disco experience on a catamaran, or a guided bike tour learning about the history of the local area. Catering to the diverse interests of this team, whether enjoying views of the Palma coastline, or taking in the sights of the local area on bike (with a lagoon swim thrown in along the way), both groups of guests were able to enjoy their day in the sun in a way that best suited their interests.

Within the two month planning period, the team had grown in size, meaning that this trip was the perfect opportunity for these new hires to bond with their coworkers. Not only were we able to seamlessly cater to these evolving needs of our client, these new hires were all included in the bike tour activity, allowing them to deepen their working relationships and strengthen the team culture.


By creating a bespoke weekend event programme that catered to both the client’s vision and the interests of the individual attendees, the team were able to enjoy the weekend and experience the best that Palma de Mallorca has to offer. They were able to explore the area, bond in their teams and soak up the sun in this truly unforgettable experience. 

An event initially designed to reward this team for their hard work, this fun-filled weekend in Palma promises to evolve into an incentive trip, encouraging the team to achieve similar results over the next year, and secure a repeat trip to the sunny shores of Palma. 


“From start to finish, First Event were absolutely phenomenal. I was very apprehensive about taking our team away for the first time, however, the team at First Event were incredibly thorough in their understanding and execution of what we wanted from the experience. They were incredibly professional, conscientious and brought our vision of the event to life. Faye Chippendale and Josh Caughey found the perfect balance of professionalism and fun, thank you both very much.”

  • CEO

“Faye and Josh were excellent hosts. Very organised, yet not in any way stuffy. They added to the fun and made for a perfect getaway that everyone will remember for a long time.”

  • Chief Innovation Officer

“When first asked to organise an abroad team trip for 50+ employees, I felt very nervous and worried about how I would even pull something like this off. After speaking with a few event companies and not getting the answers we wanted, I remembered that our CIO had introduced me to Steph Cowan, BDM at First Event. After a few emails back and forth I felt super secure and confident that First Event were the perfect company to take us on our first ever trip. I was then passed onto Faye Chippendale, Josh Caughey and Olivia Mincher who was amazing from the off. They worked hard to understand what we wanted from the trip and delivered outstandingly. Regular calls were organised, problems solved behind the scenes without causing a fuss and I was constantly updated and kept in the loop. The trip was super fun and is now a core memory of mine. There is not one negative I could say about the process from start to finish, every detail was nailed. We will 100% be using First Event again and be sure to recommend them in the future. A HUGE thank you to all at First Event.”

  • Operations Manager