Sicilian Sales Incentive

Destination: Taormina, Sicily, Italy
Industry: Flooring
Event type: Employee incentive
Attendee no: 46

Event objectives:

Every 18 months, our client hosts a sales incentive to encourage their network of distributors to hit their sales targets. Having worked with this client for 10 years, they came to us looking for somewhere new and exciting to whisk away their top-performing individuals for a luxury incentive event experience. Looking for a destination that only required a short flight time, whilst being somewhere that attendees wouldn’t necessarily have visited before, we used our expert destination knowledge to select Taormina, Sicily, as the location for this event experience that consisted of an exclusive range of activities in warm weather. This was accompanied by a marketing campaign designed to encourage attendees to strive for better sales quotas and sustain engagement with the trip.



Event overview:

Following the client’s request for a more off-the-beaten-track location that would meet all their requirements, we suggested 5 location packages that would suit this client’s wishes. We threw in Taormina as our wildcard destination, which was selected by the client. We used our exclusive First Event network to source activities, suppliers and venues for this location, ensuring that each activity was created bespoke for this client, with no off-the-shelf experiences for this exclusive incentive event. 

After arriving in Sicily, guests were transported to a beachfront restaurant for their first taste of Sicilian dining. Attendees were then taken by boat transfer from this exclusive restaurant to their hotel, Mazzaro Sea Palace. Following their first night in this luxurious venue, guests were taken on a tour of Mount Etna, and escorted on a wine tasting at Gambino Winery, followed by an evening at leisure to fully explore the island. 

These pockets of free time were important to this client and their attendees, as a way to encourage informal networking between successful and like-minded individuals. As well as being an incentive trip for high-performing sales individuals, the client also wanted to encourage stronger relationships between sales, marketing, and other staff, who were also in attendance for the trip. 

Throughout the event, guests were able to choose from a range of activities to take part in, such as a boat trip, featuring snorkelling, beers and a dance-off, as well as a tour of Godfather filming locations, and a cooking class where attendees learnt to cook local specialities. 

The highlight of the trip was the gala dinner, held in the grounds of the palatial Castello San Marco. Guests were treated to a high-quality dining experience, accompanied by a swing band which provided the soundtrack to the night as attendees celebrated their hard-earned successes.


The results of this trip were powerful. This trip was a huge success in cementing strong partnerships and loyalty within our client’s network. 

Through our careful activity selection and finding the best experiences on offer in a hidden gem of a location, we were able to create an incentive event itinerary that wowed and delighted guests from start to finish. 

In addition to our strategic email marketing campaign, the trip itself served as a powerful motivator for participants to achieve their sales targets and qualify. Over an extended lead-up period, we successfully kept attendees engaged, leading to a notable increase in sales from participants.

This incentive experience has strengthened our relationship with our client, and we’re looking forward to continuing to offer this celebrity-level experience for this client’s team in years to come.