Speedy Activation

Industry: Construction
Event type: Experiential
Total registrations: 1,045
Location: Donington Park, Brands Hatch & Oulton Park

Event objectives

For the past 13 years, our client has been a loyal sponsor of the British Superbike Championships. As sponsors, they have provided the on-site power, wifi, and communications system for the event, creating an opportunity for their brand to be recognised within their target demographic. But this year, they wanted to see a greater return on their involvement with the event, and came to First Event to dial into our experiential event expertise, and find out how they could harness this opportunity to grow their brand recognition.

Having never previously expanded into experiential, they didn’t have a proof of concept to take to internal discussions when creating an experiential event strategy internally. Working with us as experiential consultants and advisors, we created a sequence of events that helped this client to shape their experiential goals for the future. We collaborated with their team throughout the shaping and execution of these events, helping them navigate their way through the world of experiential.

To do this, we created the concept of a branded superbike photo experience, which would allow our client to capture valuable data, build brand recognition, engage with future clients, and expand our client’s presence at this partner event.



The experiential format

We kitted out our client’s exhibition stall with branded elements, including a vinyl wrapped photobooth, merchandise and freebies, providing opportunities to create an immersive customer experience. As the star of the show, the branded superbike allowed guests to pose for their photo taken on the bike. A branded gif was sent straight to attendees’ inboxes through email and on receipt of the gif, attendees were entered into an exclusive competition to win tickets to the British Superbike Championships.

Using a memorable brand activation series, we created an impressive customer exhibition experience across three major UK events, directly engaging new and prospective customers with the client brand through a series of experiential events and interactive activities.

The first of the three-part event series took place in Donington Park. As the KPI for this event shifted more towards increasing instagram followings, we made this a core element of our activity at the Brands Hatch event, culminating with the final event at Oulton Park. We took learnings from each event, implementing improvements and making considered suggestions to our client in order to optimise the presence at each event. For example, at the final activation event we advised the implementation of a QR code during customer interaction, making it easier to track which attendees had followed the brand account after the experiential interaction. We also featured merchandise signing with motorbike riders at the event, and partnered with organisations relevant to the interests of the target demographic, as an additional way to encourage attendees to engage with the stall.

To each onsite experience, we brought that quintessential First Event fun factor. During the event days, we understand the importance of meeting each and every customer interaction with the same enthusiasm as the last in order to create a strong first impression for the brand.

The results

Donington Park:
Friday : 55 registrations
Saturday: 98 registrations
Sunday: 129 registrations

Brands Hatch
Friday: 78 registrations
Saturday: 92 registrations
Sunday: 220 registrations

Oulton Park
Friday: 82 registrations
Saturday: 138 registrations
Sunday: 153 registrations

Total social media reach: 73,000
Total likes received on social media: 1,207

The impact of experiential

At the start of this project, this client came to us with an objective of optimising their existing sponsorships and partnerships. Our role in this was to provide leadership and guidance to create a series of impactful experiential events. Both in the creation of the event concept, and the execution of the events themselves, we delivered our level of First Event service. On site, attendees could not tell the difference between a First Event team member, and a client team member, illustrating how seamlessly we integrated with both the brand and the team. 

From the success of this experience, not only does this client have a case study to go back to their organisation with, proving the success of experiential and a handbook of how to unlock greater value from existing and emerging partnerships, they are also looking to continue their work with us, allowing us to help them maximise their return on other partnership investments. 

This wasn’t just a simple activation event carried out for our client. We provided support and expertise to give a strategic approach to their existing partnerships, in order to deliver greater return for the business through an expertly designed experiential events strategy. 



‘One of the team’

Often with agencies it can feel very them and us, not with First Event they are an extension of our team!

Our 3 onsite activations which were managed by Speedy and First Event’s Olivia were fantastic, I can’t say it was easy as we hit lots of logistical problems along the way however the support from Liv was invaluable.

The weekends can be long and tiring but the comradery created was what made the weekends such fun!

From the minute Liv popped on her Speedy cap she was one of us, throwing herself into the activation and I personally think she has become quite the British Superbikes super fan!

Huge thanks to Liv for her hard work, dedication when things got tough and most importantly the laughs we had along the way. We are looking forward to hopefully coming back to the BSB next season bigger and better!