UK franchise exhibition

Event: Conference and exhibition 

Industry: Food and beverage

Destination: Liverpool

Attendees: 1,000+

Event objectives:

As a franchise company, our client wanted to create a three-day conference that brought nearly 900 employees together in a central UK location to interact with each other, and learn more about the food and drink suppliers stocked across the franchise. To facilitate this event, our client was on the hunt for a venue that met all of their needs, and could be tailored to deliver a variety of engaging experiences, such as conferences, workshops, exhibitions and networking.

We took responsibility for creating all components of the experience, including:

  • Finding the perfect venue.
  • Managing the needs of each individual attendee.
  • Crafting the perfect branding for the event.
  • Keeping all attendees engaged through marketing.
  • Creating a bespoke event website.
  • Managing the travel arrangements of all attendees.
  • Providing post-event Return on Investment analysis.



Event overview:

Given the requirements of the experience, we selected The ACC Liverpool as the perfect location for this three day exhibition. The multipurpose venue would cater for the needs of both attendees and suppliers, boasting a large exhibition hall and auditorium that allowed for interaction and engagement within large groups.

Across the delivery of this event, we used our people expertise to create the buzz our client was looking for around their franchise exhibition. Our marketing for this event honed in on the direct benefits delegates would gain from attending the conference, such as incredible learning and development experiences.

During the event itself, these experiences took the forms of workshops on current topics within the franchise, a main plenary session jam-packed with motivational speakers, and an exhibition of suppliers and partners. The branding and core messaging of our client was clear throughout the event, and used their brand colours and presence to create a hive of franchise activity, with live TV feeds lighting up screens around the building, showing live footage from their kitchen demonstration stage.


Highlights from our delivery of this experience included an increase in attendance versus previous years. This was attributed, in part, to the improved and more consistent attendee communication, which kept delegates engaged throughout the event lifecycle.