World Education Summit

No. of delegates: 16,000

Event type: Virtual summit

Industry: Education


First Event was selected to plan and run a 4 day virtual event. With 8 concurrent streams, 400 sessions and over 100 speakers, delegates needed to be able to log into this livestream from all over the world. The event was to be broadcasted live each day between the hours of 8am – 6pm, with full technical support from the First Event team throughout. The client already had an existing platform built for this event which needed to be seamlessly integrated with our livestream systems.

The Summit’s goal was to be the largest annual virtual gathering of the greatest minds in education, passionate teachers and inspirational leaders from wherever they may be in the world. Bringing together and supporting the world of education, the First Event team were delighted to deliver this virtual summit.


Event overview:

A comprehensive production plan was built roughly one month before the event date, detailing timings, subjects, content, managers, speaker details and locations for each of the 8 streams, as agreed by the client in advance. Thanks, in part, to this exhaustive plan, the 4 day event went off without a hitch. During the summit, industry focused subjects such as education training and the legacy of education were discussed among keynote speakers, famous authors, and high profile speakers from destinations like Hawaii, Hong Kong and Australia.

As well as the core sessions, summit delegates could also access a variety of thought provoking and inspiring panel discussions and presentations. For each of the speakers dialling into the session, we made this process as simple as possible. All they needed to do was join the session via a video call and share their presentation on the screen from their device.

The layout of the livestream was clear and easy for delegates to interact with, as well as being exciting and professional. With different sections of the space for viewing the speaker, the presentation, and any live discussions, delegates were able to feel immersed in the event all from one screen. This solo screen ‘virtual stage’ experience was designed to spotlight both the client and event branding too.


Client feedback throughout the event was fantastic! They were particularly impressed with our technical manager Alex, who got a shout out within the feedback. The First Event team went above and beyond to resolve last minute technical issues to ensure the smooth running of the event, and as a result, the client could not speak more highly of the team and their technological know-how.