Project Planning

Precise pre-event planning is an essential component in the successful delivery of any project. We adapt our working approach depending upon our individual clients’ objective.


From the start of the planning process to the post event debrief, our team work tirelessly behind the scenes to ensure a seamless end-to-end event plan and execution. We use a range of measures to ensure that we meet your brief at every step of the project:



Outlining project status

A project plan is produced and shared outlining the project status and top line information.

Key milestones

A monthly meeting is held between your event lead and the First Event Account Manager to discuss the project and key milestones.

Agreed budget

An agreed budget template is created and shared with our event lead at pre-agreed dates.

Weekly updates

A weekly conference call is held, which would be attended by all team members working on the project.

Keeping you in the loop

Face-to-face meetings can be conducted as frequently as mutually agreed to be appropriate.

Key documents

A working document and running order are created which detail all stages required for the onsite delivery of an event.