Want a stand-out event experience? There’s an app for that!

Native Apps: Your secret weapon to building a buzz around your event, and creating a seamless attendee experience. 

Native apps are a great way to improve the ease of your event experience. 


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What is a native app? 

Don’t worry, we’ll spare you the technical jargon. A native app is software that’s been created for a specific operating system, processor, or device platform. Most commonly, these are iOS (used on Apple iPhones) or Android OS (for Google and Samsung devices). 

Unlike hybrid apps, which are pieces of software designed to work across different devices, a native app allows your software to tap into the features of each device, creating a smoother overall user experience.






Moulded around your event

Whatever the needs of your event, we can create a whole host of functionalities in your native app, making it the perfect tool for attendees to make the most out of your event experience. 

Some key features and solutions we can add to your app include: 



Venue map.

Speaker profiles.

Members page with chat functionality.

Tinder style swipe deck, perfect for networking.

Ticket QR code generator.

Gamified and interactive challenges.

Quick to use and accessible offline.

Push notifications with all the essential event information.

Secure login authentication.

Why do I need an app?

When you looked at your phone this morning, was opening and checking an app one of the first things you did? With recent research showing that 88% of our total screen time is spent perusing apps, we’d hedge our bets that app checking takes up a significant part of your screen time too. 

These days, there truly is an app for everything. So why should your event be any different? By creating a native app to house key information and streamline your event processes, you can design an interactive attendee management tool moulded around the needs and wants of your event guests.


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