Tech Trends in Events: How to Deliver Community, Content, and Connectivity

Communities have long been viewed as innately human spaces, where people can connect with other, real people over shared experiences and values. As the role that technology plays in our lives continues to evolve, many brands fear that trending technology will threaten the human element of connectivity and community. 

This couldn’t be further from the reality of community building. 

Creating thriving community spaces centres on delivering truly engaging content, and providing platforms that foster real connectivity, all of which can be facilitated through the latest tech trends.  

Let’s explore the different areas of connectivity and content delivery in more detail, and how tech can be harnessed to deliver an elevated community experience. 


Today, community-focused content goes beyond more than just powerpoint slides on a screen. Every attendee touchpoint has the potential to communicate a core message or piece of content to your audience. Brands that utilise technology to elevate these touchpoints and deliver content in new ways can create real impact on their audience, and make them feel engaged with their wider community. 

Analyse audience data for personalised content strategies 

To create events that feel unique and exclusive to your community, brands can use AI and analytics to generate useful insights based on results from previous events, or data about their audience from social media and industry reports. Use these insights to decide on the content and topics that matter most to your audience, and inform how you map out your attendee experience. 

Create immersive experiences with AR & VR

To create an elevated experience for your attendees, incorporate VR and AR into your event content strategy. Add another layer of depth to the content you deliver using this trending event technology, and craft your own bespoke, immersive, and branded reality to allow attendees to interact with your content in new ways. 


In order to enrich event experiences, and create a truly connected community, businesses have to bring a strategic focus to how their attendees interact with one another, as well as with their brand. 

Networking opportunities that add value 

A thriving community is a space where like-minded individuals can share insights and learn from each other's experiences. But people can’t access this without being able to create and develop these meaningful connections. Technology like bespoke event apps have the potential to house your community, making it easier than ever for your audience to connect, follow up, and collaborate. 

Shared wow-moments 

Creating connected communities goes beyond networking and social platforms. Often, the strongest relationships are forged through incredible, shared experiences that make people feel like they’re a part of something unique. By incorporating a creative wow-moment into your event strategy, whether online or in-person, you compound the lifespan and power of your event legacy, creating connections that last well into the future. 

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