Value & efficiencies

Throughout the lifecycle of any project we will actively work to negotiate added value and cost savings on your behalf.


We understand that events are a significant expense, and will always negotiate with our suppliers to achieve the best possible price for all elements of your event.


We are able to track any cost savings on a project and present them to you at agreed intervals if required – for most of our clients this is bi-annually.


At our debrief meetings with your team we can both display efficiencies and also discuss future savings that can be made for your next project.



Cost savings

There are a number of cost savings we would be able to offer when running multiple or repeat events for our clients. These include:


Website design
We are able to “reskin” a website and update the information for minimal cost.


Print items
We may be able to store and re-use print items.


Management fee
If we are running a repeat event our planning time may reduce, reducing our management fee.


Having visibility of your event calendar allows us to be proactive on venue sourcing and negotiation for your future events. Advanced negotiation can be undertaken with current and new venues based on extended contractual terms, providing you with cost savings across the board.


** By tracking negotiated savings for our clients we are able to demonstrate that First Event are a cost effective partner for your event requirements. Our work has achieved such considerable savings for clients on occasions that it has actually offset the management fee for that event!