Cardano website & marketing

No. of delegates: 50,000+

Location: Live from Lausanne Switzerland, with viewing parties and virtual attendees all over the world

Industry: Blockchain / Cryptocurrency


Across the creation of the 2022 Cardano Foundation Summit, this client wanted to bring both the individual and the wider community to the heart of the summit experience. In order to execute this vision, an integral element of this summit was involving, including and communicating with each individual attendee, to ensure that each guest had the opportunity to make their mark on the legacy of the event. 

This summit was the chance for the community to come together, and forge the path they would be taking together as they moved forward into the future. In order to facilitate such a productive conference, designed to also celebrate the achievements of the community to date, this required an expert eye for design: an eye that our creative teams were more than capable of providing. 


The pre-event marketing for this summit included the creation of a bespoke website, all the ticketing options, ad deals, as well as all of the social assets and campaigns. This client wanted to both sell tickets and gather information, and they wanted this data to feed straight into their existing CRM. To achieve this, we ran an API into our client’s systems, allowing the client to collect more data about their expanding audience. 

With the remote virtual communities all over the world, we ensured that the experience was branded, cohesive, and as continuous as possible, despite all hybrid attendees not being in the same room together. In order to ensure this, we sent all the branded equipment and assets to each of the remote joining party locations, ensuring that these venues all over the world became Cardano venues.

In order to create a buzz around the event, we also liaised with the press, using our industry wide connections to ascertain the best publications to feed news and updates about the summit into. Similarly, we executed all PPC campaigns around the summit weekend. 

To create a fully customised experience for our attendees, we also needed to provide fully customisable ticketing options, allowing attendees to participate as much or as little with the summit itself. Our intricate ticketing system broke down the event experience into its various components, meaning that attendees could bespoke their summit package. 




As soon as the programme of events was underway, our social media experts were able to capture the online buzz around the 2022 summit. For the social elements, our team created event specific gifs, and brought videographers along to the event to record end of day videos. This allowed us to capture all of the highlights of the event, turning this footage into engaging social media content which we shared across the weekend. 

We also created the tools to facilitate the online conversation around the Cardano community. This included everything from custom Cardano summit gifs, to an online hashtag for attendees to engage with online. We captured the highlights and successes of the day using our videographer teams that we brought onsite, crafting instagram reels to share these updates with the online community.

The app we created specifically for the summit worked perfectly to communicate all updates to attendees throughout the day, with perfectly crafted push notifications which informed attendees of the upcoming talks and seminars that corresponded with their unique schedule, based on their preferences. It also had a map of the venue and destination, attendees could create their own profile, build their own agenda and chat with other attendees. The app was available on iOS used on Apple iPhones and Android OS for Google and Samsung devices. To find out more about event apps visit our blog here.


In total, the Cardano Summit brought together 1,700 attendees at the main stage event in Switzerland, as well as 30,000 virtual attendees via the 51 community-led events hosted in locations all over the world. 

As this was the first year that the Cardano Foundation had hosted the summit as an independent entity, this meant we had little to no previous branding, footage or PR material to work with when creating the assets and marketing presence needed to attract attendees to an event of this size. 

In spite of this, we grew this client’s database, increasing the reach, not just of the event, but for the brand of the Cardano Foundation moving forward. This summit captured the exposure needed to ensure that a brand of this reputation continues to grow in the right direction.

To find out more about this epic event, take a look at the conference case study here.