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8 Reasons why your event needs its own native app

When you looked at your phone this morning, was opening and checking an app one of the first things you did? With recent research showing that 88% of our total screen time is spent perusing apps, we’d hedge our bets that app checking takes up a significant part of your screen time too. 

These days, there truly is an app for everything. So why should your event be any different? By creating a native app to house key information and streamline your event processes, you can design an interactive attendee management tool moulded around the needs and wants of your event guests. 

What is a native app? 

In its simplest terms, a native app is software that’s been created for a specific operating system, processor or device platform. Most commonly, these are iOS (used on Apple iPhones) or Android OS (for Google and Samsung devices). 

Unlike hybrid apps, which are pieces of software designed to work across different devices, a native app allows your software to tap into the features of each device, creating a smoother overall user experience. 

But what can this brilliant piece of coding bring to your event experience? Take a look at the 8 reasons why we think your event needs its own native app. 

  1. Add bags of personalisation to your event. 

With customisable elements that integrate seamlessly with your attendee’s device, a native app is the perfect way to make each and every event guest feel valued. By creating a bespoke app for your attendees, you can speak to them directly with targeted updates and content. This event personalisation technique is a great way to show your attendees just how much their support means to you. 

  1. Keep your attendees in the loop.

A native app is the perfect tool to bring the latest, most reliable information to your attendees. The beauty of native apps is how they permit push notifications, meaning that any last minute updates or key attendee information will be communicated directly to the devices of your attendees.

  1. Reflect seamless branding. 

A native app is an extension of the event experience. Whether live, hybrid, or fully remote, a native app can strengthen the immersive experience you’re creating. That’s why creating an app that looks, sounds and acts like your brand is essential to continuing this seamless experience. All the apps that we create in-house are fully branded, with all the design and copy elements required to reflect the core values and messaging of your event brand.  

  1. Reduce the carbon footprint of your event. 

Communicating all your key event information and updates through a digital app saves the need for thousands of single use, disposable brochures to be created and eventually thrown away. That’s why creating a native app for your event is more than just a practical way of enhancing your event experience, it’s also a choice you can make to reduce the carbon footprint of your experience, and create a green event. 

  1. Create a high quality user experience. 

Not only will your native app operate seamlessly with your attendees phone features (such as camera, calendar and address book), it’s also easy to download from App Store and Google Play Store, can be accessed offline, and is quicker to load and use than a traditional website format. In addition to all this, an app fosters a more intuitive user experience, streamlining the information dissemination to your attendees. 

  1. Advertise your session speakers. 

Let’s be honest, who hasn’t done a cheeky stalk of your keynote speaker before a conference or exhibition? By including a full list of the speakers attending your event, as well as their key information, and links to their websites and social media accounts, you can meet this need in your bespoke event app. Include filters and search functionality to find specific speakers, and link the agenda items to the speaker dynamically so users can see when and where the speaker is presenting.

  1. Encourage participation and interaction.

A native app allows you to create an online community that’s buzzing with engagement. Attendees can create their own profile, upload their photo, search for other attendees and send DMs via the app, meaning that those important connections and conversations can continue after your event has ended. Really want to drive that engagement? Why not add a gamified element to your app. Whether a scavenger hunt or networking bingo, games are a native app feature that promises to get your attendees talking.  

  1. Access on demand content.

The thought leadership and skill sharing doesn’t have to end once the event is over. By creating an app that can house all your recorded event content on demand, attendees can relive those inspiring keynote moments over and over again. Not only does this add to the legacy of your event, it leaves attendees with a stronger takeaway from their event experience. 

  1. Get the data downlow.

All activity carried out through the app can be measured and monitored. By gaining an understanding of which elements of your agenda, speakers, or interactive elements received the most and least engagement, you can tailor and improve your event format for the future. 

Get in touch with us to find out how we can create the perfect app to meet your event needs!