Audio Visual is one of the most important components when it comes to engaging attendees at an in-person or hybrid event.

We believe AV really is the secret ingredient when it comes to getting through to your guests. By connecting them to the speakers and the content that’s being broadcast, we’ll help you create an experience your attendees will never forget.

At First Event we have our own in-house department of tech wizards who will ensure that everything Audio Visual is covered and under control.

Led by our Technical Manager, the team works closely with our suppliers to create stage designs, visuals, rigging plots, production schedules and more to deliver the vision of your event.

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PA Systems

To make sure everything is crystal clear, we can use the latest Line Array and Point Source audio technology.

And to get that really crisp audio that spreads to every corner to every corner of the room, our team will be able to recommend the perfect PA system for your venue by recreating the location virtually, compiling calculations and running simulations to find the best systems for your event audio.

We’ll also use onstage monitor speakers and low profile front fill along the front of the stage. Not only will this enhance the audio experience with your on-stage presenters, it will also perfectly compliment the main audio system and create even audio coverage across the venue.



We’ll get your presenters’ voices heard throughout your with top of the range wireless microphones.

We’ve got a range of microphones for different scales and formats of events, including:

  • Handheld.
  • Lapel.
  • Headset.
  • Lectern.


lighting and audio event examples

Lighting word outline

The lighting really does set the
mood and has a huge impact on
your event.

After a dramatic beam that’s the centre of attention? Our technical team can use a combination of bright and punch LED washes and spots to create that cinematic spotlight.

All of our lighting fixtures use LED bulbs. That means they use far less energy than other lightbulbs, making your event even more sustainably minded.
We can even use custom made Gobos featuring your company or event logo which can be easily projected onto any surface.






LED, projection, cameras and more…

By using high resolution LED screens along with the latest laser projection technology, we can create the perfect surfaces to display any kind of content. And why not turn heads even more, with large LED screens and Projections blends that will really display your graphics loud and proud.

Nobody has to miss a moment of the action, as we’ll use camera feeds throughout the venue with footage on the latest 4K cameras.

Put your on-stage presenters at ease with comfort monitors, giving them the whole picture of their presentation. They’ll be able to see:

  • The current slide.
  • The next slide.
  • Countdown timers.
  • Traffic light systems.
  • Messages from producers and show callers.

And why not really maximise the reach of your event by live streaming it to a virtual audience?

Picture the scene

The stage is going to be the centre of attention at your event. Which is why we want to get its design spot on. We like to use technology to get creative, by using our know-how and equipment to really level up the stage design at your event.

Need a hand picturing what it might look like on the day?
Our in-house technical team will produce visuals of how your event stage will look on the day.

The WOW factor

So. We’ve got the audio and visual elements of your events nailed and ready to go.
Why stop there?

If you really want to make your event one to remember, we can add in some truly jaw dropping production elements, like:

  • Pyrotechnics.
  • Confetti cannons.
  • Smoke machines.

You name it!

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