Our team of professional conference and exhibition planners will ensure they take care of every single detail of your event.

Whatever your requirements, objectives, or budget – we’ll work hard to create a suitable event completely customised to your needs. Partnering with a wide range of professional venues based both overseas and in the UK, First Event are confident in delivering seamless events to exceed your expectations.


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Be prepared with our step-by-step contingency plan guide!

Be prepared with our step-by-step contingency plan guide! If you've ever organised an event, you’ll be aware of how important it is to have a ‘back-up plan.’ This, along with other defining factors such as what to do in an emergency, how to handle flight cancellations, and how to plan for bad weather, are all part of a detailed contingency plan. Learn more about how preparation and organisation can ensure the smooth running of your event, and download our Contingency Planning for an Event e-book by filling out this form.