Virtual Events 

Virtual events

A rise in remote working means that many companies are working with employees all over the world.

If you’re planning a corporate event, you may be looking to create immersive experiences that can bring together your entire workforce – regardless of where they are.

Virtual Conferences

Developments in virtual conference technology enable business events to run smoothly, in a convenient time and place for attendees.

Virtual events provide a fantastic way for businesses to bring together and connect with global audiences, no matter their location, to one virtual ‘place’.

What can we do for your virtual conference?

  • Complete delegate management, including a registration site, and ensuring that all delegates have access to your virtual event.

  • Collateral design and guidance, ensuring that your event has a strong identity reflective of your brand, and the distribution of any physical collateral.

  • Speaker and content management to ensure that the messages you want to deliver are done so in the way that best reflects your business’ goals.

  • Creation and management of an online ‘hub’ or ‘community’ that delegates can use to stay up-to-date with event news, ask questions, and network with colleagues.

  • App creation and management, which will allow us to analyse the success of your virtual conference, and provide a platform for delegates to communicate with one another, plan their virtual agenda, and leave feedback following the event.

Live Streaming

Looking to organise a conference, but logistically can’t guarantee that all of your employees attend in person? Live streaming your events is a great way to make sure that nobody needs to miss any important business updates, key messages, or educational seminars.

Contact us today to find out more about implementing live streaming into your next event.

Virtual team building

Virtual Team Building Events

We can help you transform your employee engagement events with customised and exciting virtual team building experiences.

Virtual away days

Deliver a targeted virtual away day schedule, with team building strategies implemented through your delegates' devices.

Remote team games

Get an itinerary filled with ideal team building games, from virtual escape rooms, to quizzes and fun icebreaker exercises

Engaging initiatives

We can help you create shared virtual experiences for team bonding, ensuring an interactive event stream that can be accessed anywhere.

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